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Project Management

From the planning to the shipment 

We start by developing the products in collaboration with our clients. We can perform all ofthe required services, ranging from assembly, to prompt assistance in the pre-batch production phase, right up to batch production. Our assistance throughout all of the phases of the project ensures successful production of your sophisticated end product.


Ultra-modern system control

Our high demands for quality are enforced by constant monitoring of the processes. The newest software technology guarantees tracking of all steps in production, to the minute. Our coatings are guaranteed to provide impressive performance parameters. 

  • High corrosion protection
  • Resistant to abrasion and scratches, highly adhesive 
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and weathering
  • Assists in achieving a high recognition value
  • Prerequisite for a unique design
  • Resource-conserving production and recyclability


Ongoing quality control

We inspect all parameters throughout all processes in our excellently-equipped laboratory, with an area for measuring and testing, using the following methods:

  • Coating thickness measurement (coulometric, X-Ray)
  • STEP test
  • Dubpernell test for pore distribution
  • Cross-hatch test
  • Temperature change test (-70°C to +180°C)
  • Climatic test (inc. long-term)
  • CASS test
  • NSS Test
  • Glacial acetic acid test/crack test to test incoming goods

Test/Final Inspection 

Out of our obligation to quality 

Our qualified, motivated employees perform a final, visual inspection. The quality components are inspected to ensure that they meet defined quality requirements, with the help of limiting sample monitoring, inspection regulations, and error catalogues. The final inspection, precisely coordinated to meet the individual requirements of the product, is appropriately documented.

Other Production Services

Comprehensive range of services

After the surface finishing and competent final inspection, the components can be processed to meet the client’s individual needs. We can separate sprues using specially-designed tools, and weigh, charge, label, and package the products, and can even apply a QR code and date to the components.


For optimal production results 

We can guarantee the highest standards for quality thanks to ongoing inspections and analysis throughout the entire production chain. The results and processes are documented safely and sustainable. For this, we use the most modern measuring and testing techniques. 

  • Metrohm ProcessLab – an ongoing, automated lab analysis for monitoring and documenting electrolyte parameter
  • Process simulation for constant optimisation and improvement of our electroplating processes
  • Zeiss SmartZoom – high-resolution coating testing using digitalised 3-D microscope technology